Monday, December 14, 2009

Child Christmas Portrait on a Budget

Portraits at a mall studio are cheap. You can sign up for a yearly package and spend next to nothing (I'm told). And the results are "OK", but as you know, I HATE studio portraits. Living in northern, NJ I will allow them at only one time of the year. Christmas.

So my friend takes her son to one of those studios and has new portraits hanging up every month. They do a nice job but she was not satisfied with his Christmas shot. After bribing me with compliments and a free meal, I stopped by and got this shot for her. It was a very simple setup. They had just gotten their tree (not yet decorated) and propped in up in a corner near a window. Perfect! I set up my TTL flash, camera left, as my key light and used the window (that had a diffused shade) as my fill light on camera right. I liked the outcome and spent only 7 minutes in Photoshop Elements. Adjusted color and saturation, and burned the edges. In addition, I burned just the shadows in the tree. Send it to Walmart, they print it up on their Christmas card paper and you are good to go.
Fast. Cheap. The comfort of home for a 2 year old?  ....Priceless!

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BECKY said...

I 100% agree with you on the mall studio portraits... they always come back looking extremely cheap and well there is really nothing special about them- lighting, setting, composition- nothing really... I did my own christmas portraits for my cards using a tripod and the 10sec. delay.. I was very surprised at how the pictures came out- it helped me realize that one of the most important things in photography is how comfortable the subject is in their surroundings-